Welcome to Alpine Style! Drive in grand style with components specially designed for your car. Exclusive integration solutions provide aesthetic in-dash installation, driver-friendliness, rear seat entertainment and enhanced driving safety.




Perfect integration, Huge 9" View X009E-HA 9" All-In-One Navigation

Perfect integration, Huge 9" View
X009E-HA 9" All-In-One Navigation

The extra-wide 9" screen is big enough for rear seat passengers to see easily, and the LED/WVGA display is amazingly clear. Adding the Digital TV Tuner means no one will miss their favorite TV programs during a trip!

  • Perfectly matches dashboard

    Perfectly Matches Dashboard

    Premium design with blue LEDs to match dashboard and large, easy-to-use buttons.

  • View videos from smartphone

    View Videos from Smartphone

    Smartphone connectivity by HDMI lets you enjoy YouTube videos in super high quality.

  • High quality Navigation

    High Quality

    Navigation is accurate and stable, with no need for internet, so driving is safer and more relaxed.


Viewing Fun with Alpine Digital TV Tuner

With the Alpine Digital TV Tuner, rear seat passengers will have a great view on the big 9" screen, and they can operate the unit using the remote control. Digital TV on the LED/WVGA display is amazingly clear, with excellent reception. This is the perfect entertainment partner for everyone in the car. The TUE-T300DT2 is required for viewing Digital TV.

Viewing Fun with Alpine Digital TV Tuner
  • SWC-C20
  • Control Digital TV Tuner by Touch Screen or from the Steering Wheel

    You can control the Digital TV, including changing channels, just by touching the screen. Operation is smooth and fast. You can use the steering wheel remote control to operate the Digital TV, keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. SWC-C20 Interface is required.

Drive Assist

Park Safely with Confidence

Park Safely with Confidence

With a rearview camera, the display shows you everything behind the car when you are reversing. You also get intelligent parking guidance. This is especially useful with the large-size Harrier, so you can park safely with confidence.


Best Sound and Installation for Toyota Harrier

Alpine's ultra high performance DDLinear Speakers deliver the music exactly as the artist performed it—with all the power and emotion of the original. This is sound clarity you have to hear to believe. Tweeter Kit (KTX-Y60HA) and Woofer Kit (KTX-Y175B) available for perfect installation for your TOYOTA HARRIER 2015 and Toyota Harrier 2014.

  • KTX-Y60HA

    Tweeter Kit

  • KTX-Y175B

    Woofer Kit
    (Inner Baffle Board)

  • DDLinear Magnetic

    DDLinear Magnetic

    A dual-gap, single-coil structure provides stable control over the dense and rigid voice coil and magnetic field. This powerful and efficient circuit delivers high-speed sound with low distortion and superb linearity, for sound quality far beyond ordinary car speakers.

  • Layered Hybrid

    Layered Hybrid
    Fiber Vibration Cone

    Using multi-layer fiber materials with a carbon shellac coating, this cone eliminates any noise caused by the materials themselves. The phase plug is precisely designed and shaped to ensure the clearest sound possible.

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