Welcome to Alpine Style! Drive in grand style with components specially designed for your car. Exclusive integration solutions provide aesthetic in-dash installation, driver-friendliness, rear seat entertainment and enhanced driving safety.





Perfect Integration, Large 8" View

The extra-wide 8-inch screen is custom-designed to match the vehicle's interior. It's much easier to follow the route on navigation maps and to see details of POIs and service centers, so driving is safer and more relaxed. You also get HDMI connectivity for high quality AV sources and can see Facebook notifications to keep you up to date. When you shift into reverse, you automatically get a rear view camera image for easier parking.


Drive Assist

  • HCE-C1000D HDR Rear View Camera
  • See Objects, Park Easier

    Add a rear view camera and discover how much easier and safer it is to back up. A high quality image sensor gives you a clear view in both day time and night time of the area behind the car, right on your dashboard monitor. You can avoid hitting anything and can park perfectly every time.

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